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Hello Internet!

It's me, Adam!

Here on the internet.

I'm going to be using this lil' space to keep track of my photography projects, and if you wanna, you can too!

Anyway, it's nice to meet you.


Movie Recommendation: Network (1976) Dir. Sydney Lumet

The director of 12 Angry Men and The Wiz, Sydney Lumet is back at it again with the phenomenal Network. This cautionary tale predicted the dangers of what happens when the content of the news starts bending to the will of cooperate investors. It's still certainly relevant today. Be treated to phenomenal performances by Peter Finch, William Holden, and Faye Dunaway. Plus keep an eye out for Beatrice Straight. She took home the Oscar for her performance with only 5 minutes of screen time. If you miss this movie, you're mad as hell! Go see Network today!

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